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Post-Adoption Support: How Agencies Assist Families

Whether you're considering adoption for the first time or you've recently adopted, it's important to know that agencies are available to assist and support your family every step of the way.

Post-adoption support services can range from providing counseling and emotional support to helping families navigate the legal aspects of adoption.

Adoption agencies provide a variety of resources for families. Here are some ways they can provide support.

Why Is Post-Adoption Support Important?

Post-adoption support is important for families to ensure that the adoption process is successful and that both the child and family are thriving. For many families, having access to support services can make a difference in creating a happy, healthy home.

Counseling & Support Groups

Adoption agencies often offer counseling and support groups to families. These services can provide an outlet for adoptive parents and children to discuss their feelings about adoption, as well as to receive advice and guidance from experienced professionals.

Legal Assistance

Adoption agencies can also provide legal assistance to families with adoption-related issues. This can include helping families to understand their rights and responsibilities, as well as providing assistance with post-adoption documentation and paperwork.

Guidance for Improving Attachment & Bonding

Adoption agencies can provide guidance and support for strengthening the attachment between adoptive parents and their children.

This can include teaching effective communication techniques to foster a sense of trust, providing guidance on discipline and parenting strategies, and helping the family find activities that will promote bonding.

Specialized Services

Adoption agencies may also offer specialized services, such as cultural support or language classes for international adoptions.

These services can help families to better understand their child's culture and provide a supportive environment for the family to learn more about one another.

Advocacy & Education

Adoption agencies are also advocates for adoption and may provide educational resources to families. This can include providing information on post-adoption services, helping families to find resources in the community, and raising awareness about adoption.

Crisis Intervention

Adoption agencies are also available to provide crisis intervention when needed. This can mean providing individuals or families with emotional support, helping them to find resources to address their needs, or connecting them with professionals who specialize in adoption-related issues.

Contact an Adoption Agency Today

For families looking for assistance with post-adoption support, working with an adoption agency can help to ensure a successful transition.

These agencies are well-versed in providing resources, guidance, and advocacy to adoptive families. 

To learn more about adoption agencies, contact a professional near you.