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What Type Of Funeral Is Best For Your Loved One?

If you have recently had a loved one pass away, you are likely trying to figure out their funeral services. There are many different types of funerals, and the one you choose will depend greatly on your loved one and their preferences. In an effort to help you choose what is best for them, here are a few different types of funeral services, along with a few examples of people who would usually prefer that type of funeral. 

Traditional Funeral

A traditional funeral is the most common funeral in America. These include a funeral service where friends and family members will share thoughts about the deceased, and if the departed is religious, a priest or bishop could offer a eulogy. Following the service, the funeral procession will proceed to the cemetery where a graveside service is held. Most traditional people prefer traditional funerals. 

Direct Burial or Cremation

A direct burial or cremation is when no memorial service is held, and the individual is simply buried or cremated. It may sound a bit harsh when compared to a traditional funeral, but some people are much more private than wanting a whole group of people to reminisce about them. These types of funerals are dramatically cheaper than most others. 

Celebration of Life

A celebration of life can take place whenever and wherever the family or friends of the individual would prefer. The coffin or urn does not need to be present and is usually already interred or inurned. A celebration of life is exactly that—a celebration. To some it may look like a party or fun gathering. It is basically meant to enjoy and celebrate the life of the person who has departed. It can be extremely healing for those left behind. People who may enjoy this type of funeral include but is not limited to optimists, free spirits, and younger individuals. 

In conclusion, the funeral service you choose to honor your loved one with can be diverse as the individual themselves. Once you have put some thought into what they would like and made sure that there is no will with a directive of what to do, you should move forward with peace and confidence that you are doing what they would want. It is never easy to plan a funeral, but with a diverse range of options, you may feel more at ease knowing that the funeral can be as unique and special as your loved one was.