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How Adoption Helps Parents Who Don't Want To Pass On Genetic Disorders

You and your spouse have been thinking of having children for a long time but decided to get checked before you did. Sadly, you found that you both have predilections towards certain types of genetic disorders that could be difficult for any child you conceive. Thankfully, adoption is possible to help you receive the child that you want.

Genetic Disorders May Make It Unwise To Have Children

The genetic code is both the building blocks of human existence and a heavy burden to carry around. For example, some people are predisposed towards obesity due to the influence of their genetic code. Even worse, some individuals have genetic combinations that would potentially create dangerous conditions in any child that they conceive.

For example, parents may pass on an extra chromosome and give their child debilitating down's syndrome. Others may pass on sickle cell anemia and make their child's life very hard to manage. You and your spouse are in this type of situation and have decided that you shouldn't have children. But are you both psychologically okay with this decision?

Some People May Experience Real Psychological Side Effects

Though you and your spouse both agree that having a child would be unwise, you are both experiencing severe psychological side effects. Knowing that you'll never be able to have a child is causing depression in both the potential mother and father, and both of you feel trapped and unable to do anything about this situation.

Even worse, you feel compelled to simply conceive a child to overcome your depression and anxiety and hope for the best. This reckless decision is one that will most heavily weigh on the child affected by the genetic disorder. Instead, you should seriously consider investigating the benefits of adoption.

How Adoption Helps

If you and your spouse are experiencing real negative effects from being unable to have a child, you may want to seriously consider adopting a child. There are thousands – if not more – children right now in the adoption system who are desperate for parents and who need a chance to have a happy, normal, and stable family.

Adopting a child not only benefits them, but gives you the chance to overcome your inability to have children with your spouse. Yes, the child is not physically or biologically yours. But that doesn't matter if you have the chance to make a real and powerful difference in the life of a child who may have only known suffering since birth.

So if you and your spouse are the victim of genetic disorders that make having children unwise, talk to an adoption agency right away. These professionals will find a child who works for your needs and who desires parents that are as much like you and your spouse as possible.